Customized hydration system for athlete Anne Haug at the Ironman 2019

Initial situation:
In the run-up to the Ironman 2019, athlete Anne Haug faced a key challenge - the lack of a suitable hydration system for the bike course.

Knowing that optimal hydration during the race would be crucial for her performance and endurance, she searched for a solution that could meet her requirements.

The challenge for Robert Hofmann GmbH was to develop a drinking system that was made of biocompatible materials and allowed the PET bottle to be refilled in a matter of seconds. In addition, the system had to be easy to use in the racing position so as not to affect Anne Haug's speed.

Solution approach: 
Our team at Robert Hofmann GmbH worked closely with Anne Haug to develop a customized solution. By defining an individual position moulding that took aerodynamics into account and integrating necessary functionalities for a hydration system during an athletic competition, we were able to develop a solution that was perfectly tailored to Anne Haug's needs and requirements.

The project was implemented in record time. Within just three weeks, from the idea to the finished product, we were able to realize the tailor-made drinking system. We attached particular importance to ensuring that the system was not only functional, but also met the highest standards of quality and performance.

The result spoke for itself. After her victory at the 2019 Ironman World Championship, Anne Haug confirmed that the specially developed hydration system had kept her body perfectly hydrated. The seamless integration into her racing position enabled her to maintain her performance and tackle the competition in maximum comfort.

The collaboration with Anne Haug and the successful development of this customized hydration system was not only a technical challenge, but also an inspiration for our team at Robert Hofmann GmbH. We are proud to have played a part in helping Anne Haug achieve her athletic goals and look forward to continuing to develop innovative solutions for our customers in the future.

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