Development and delivery of halogen headlight prototypes with LED daytime running lights

Initial situation:
As part of a challenging project, Robert Hofmann GmbH was commissioned to develop a prototype for halogen headlights with integrated LED daytime running lights and deliver them in near-series quality within three months. The project involved the production of up to 100 fully functional prototypes, which had to match the later series headlights with millimeter precision and be 100% functional.

The project involved a variety of challenges, from detailed planning to on-time delivery and comprehensive testing of the prototypes.

The project began with a thorough analysis of the 3D data supplied by the customer for the headlights. Each component was carefully examined to check the feasibility of implementation. The results of this analysis were used to plan the necessary work steps and create a detailed schedule. Speed and accuracy were the main requirements for prototype production, so efficient use of the existing machinery was crucial.

After planning, the design and production of the prototypes began. Thanks to the expertise of our experienced staff at Robert Hofmann GmbH, the most suitable manufacturing processes were quickly selected for each individual headlight component. A combination of traditional manufacturing methods and state-of-the-art technologies was used to ensure maximum quality and precision. Particular attention was paid to the integration of the LED daytime running lights and the electronic components.

Once all the components had been manufactured, the prototypes were assembled on schedule. Each headlight was carefully assembled and configured according to the customer's requirements, including customization for left or right-hand drive. Extensive functional tests were then carried out, including tests for indicators, daytime running lights and high beam, to ensure that each prototype was 100% functional. The headlights were also checked for water leaks to ensure the highest quality.
Headlights checked for water leaks to ensure the highest quality.

Results and delivery:
The first halogen headlights with LED daytime running lights were delivered to the customer around three months after the order was received. The prototypes were immediately ready for use and were extensively tested by us. Each prototype met the highest quality standards and was only delivered to the customer after successful testing. Thanks to the efficient project planning and implementation as well as the expertise of our employees, the project was successfully completed.

The successful delivery of the prototypes for the headlight systems within the tight timeframe demonstrates the efficiency and commitment of Robert Hofmann GmbH. Thorough analysis, efficient planning and precise implementation ensured maximum quality and customer satisfaction. 

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