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The automotive industry is characterized by continuous change, which is continuing at breakneck speed. Innovative technologies not only play a decisive role in component production, but are also the key to ensuring tomorrow's success. As a long-standing and experienced partner in the automotive industry, we will always show you new perspectives in order to achieve competitive advantages in the future.

Our standards grow with your challenges. In close dialog with you, we coordinate the requirements for current and future markets and implement them competently and reliably.

Our range of services extends from the first prototype to small and pre-series assemblies through to test equipment - all from a single source. With a keen sense for innovation and a trained eye for detail, we transform your requirements and our ideas into market-ready successes.

A success story in the production of complex components

As the world's leading rapid prototyping provider, Robert Hofmann GmbH was faced with a challenging task: producing up to 300 center consoles with armrests for a renowned car manufacturer - a complex component consisting of up to 100 parts. But Hofmann accepted the challenge and delivered an impressive solution.

Thanks to our unrivaled expertise and full-service competence, our experts at Robert Hofmann GmbH were able to produce the first center consoles within just twelve weeks and deliver them to the customer on time. From analyzing the 3D data to modular assembly - all work steps were carried out with the utmost precision and efficiency.

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Bright spots of innovation: development and delivery of halogen headlight prototypes with LED daytime running lights

Robert Hofmann GmbH was commissioned to deliver the first of up to 100 fully functional headlight prototypes in near-series quality within three months. These halogen headlights with LED daytime running lights had to match the later series headlights with millimeter precision and function 100%.

Robert Hofmann GmbH carried out a detailed analysis based on the 3D data supplied by the customer for the headlights. The results of this analysis were used to check the feasibility of implementation and to plan the necessary work steps. Thanks to the expertise of the employees, the most suitable manufacturing process was quickly selected and implemented for each component.

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Innovation and precision

Your path to efficient prototype development and small series production in the mobility sector. 


We are pioneers in sustainability and responsibility. Our comprehensive range of services, from 3D printing to the assembly of entire modules, not only covers your individual requirements, but also ensures that your projects are realized to the highest quality standards. You can rely on our many years of experience in mobility and our comprehensive advice.

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Quality and certification standards

Excellent quality and precision: our products set standards in the automotive industry

We have specialized certifications, TISAX Certification, in the automotive industry that emphasize our dedication to outstanding quality standards. Our products undergo thorough process control to ensure that they meet the demanding requirements of the automotive industry. With a clear focus on precision and quality, we ensure that our products meet the highest standards and offer the highest levels of reliability and safety in the automotive industry. Learn more about our Certifications.

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