3D-Printing Factory of Robert Hofmann GmbH - customized solutions in the aviation, medical, automotive and consumer sectors.

Welcome to our 3D Printing Factory - your key to innovative solutions!

Experience the high innovation potential of 3D printing with an almost unlimited degree of freedom in design. Our tool-free production enables fast and economical production of components, especially for small and very small series.

We focus on sustainability through resource-saving production processes that support environmentally conscious action.

3D-Printing Factory
of Robert Hofmann GmbH

Diverse materials in industrial 3D printing: from PA12 to titanium.

We offer you a wide range of materials in industrial 3D printing.

Innovations need no limits. Discover the endless possibilities of industrial 3D printing with Robert Hofmann GmbH. We offer you an impressive selection of diverse materials to meet your requirements. Whether you are looking for durability, flexibility or precision, you will find it with us. Let your creativity run free and turn your ideas into reality.

Discover the limitless possibilities of 3D
printing from Robert Hofmann.

Reliability & longevity

Benefit from the high mechanical strength and outstanding component quality of our products, which offer you reliable and durable solutions.

Many years of experience

Our 3D printing experts have more than 100 years of combined experience in additive manufacturing. We offer in-depth know-how for your individual requirements and innovative solutions.

Speed to market

Increase your efficiency and reduce your costs - let us turn your ideas into reality together

Automation in 3D printing

There are no limits to small and large series

With state-of-the-art technologies and automated processes, we are also able to implement large-volume productions efficiently and cost-effectively. Our 3D printing systems enable fast and precise production of components, even in large quantities, without compromising on quality. Rely on our capacities to effectively meet your industrial requirements and benefit from the advantages of automated 3D printing production. We have a total of 14 industrial 3D printing systems at our disposal, which are suitable for plastic and metal applications.

Rapid prototyping with Robert Hofmann

Cost efficiency and speed thanks to innovative technologies

Rapid prototyping enables you to quickly implement and validate your ideas. Our experts accompany you from conception to the finished prototype to shorten development times and facilitate iterations. We rely on high quality standards to deliver precise and functional prototypes. Use our 3D printing technology to bring your products to market faster and gain a competitive edge.

Large formats in 3D printing

Solutions for large format applications too

We can also produce impressively large components that meet the requirements of demanding projects. Whether prototypes, components or customized parts - we offer you a reliable solution for your demanding large-format requirements.

The processes of our 
3D-Printing Factory offer 
solutions in 
Aviation & Aerospace 
Medical & Healthcare
Mobility & Logistics
Consumer & Lifestyle

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At our company, we use leading technologies that enable us to manufacture high-precision components from metal and plastics. Our years of experience and expertise in these advanced processes ensure that we can offer customized solutions for a wide range of applications - from prototypes to series production. Rely on our experienced team to ensure first-class results

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