We at Robert Hofmann GmbH see surface refinement as art

Our state-of-the-art finishing processes
guarantee you unbeatable flexibility

By integrating state-of-the-art finishing processes in post processing, we not only offer you first-class products, but also unbeatable flexibility and speed. We offer a variety of techniques such as polishing, painting, water transfer processes and much more. Our goal is to not only improve the aesthetics, but also increase the functionality and durability of your products.

For us, we see surface finishing as an art in which aesthetic quality and functional properties merge perfectly.

Our range of finishing processes, including coating, polishing, painting, anodizing and electroplating, enables us to optimize the surfaces of our products according to individual customer requirements and on a project-by-project basis.

Complete in-house production

Customized solutions

Our vertical integration means that we can carry out all steps of the production process internally.
From the initial idea to the finished product, we have control over every step. This independence from external service providers is a decisive advantage for you. We can react flexibly to individual requirements and deliver tailor-made solutions in record time. Your ideas will not only be implemented precisely, but also quickly and efficiently.

Finishing expertise

Our advice

The choice of the optimal finishing process is crucial and depends on various factors, including the desired end result, the material of the surface and the environmental conditions. At Robert Hofmann, we understand the nuances of each process and work closely with our customers to develop tailored solutions that meet the highest quality standards.

Flexibility and speed

Our quality

Trust us when it comes to the highest quality, flexibility and speed. With our depth of production and post-processing finishing processes, we are setting new standards in the manufacturing industry. Discover the world of tailor-made solutions with Robert Hofmann GmbH – where your visions become reality!

We understand that surfaces are not just that
the shell of a product, but also its
Reflect identity and quality.

Our wide range of finishing processes

We offer a versatile selection of finishing processes specifically aimed at optimizing surfaces in terms of aesthetics, durability and functionality.

Finishing process with a wide range of possible applications

Our finishing processes serve a variety of purposes. You can make surfaces shinier, smoother or more colorful to create a high-quality impression. At the same time, we protect surfaces from external influences such as corrosion, wear or scratches by using special coatings. But that's not all: our finishing processes also improve the functional properties of surfaces. For example, we can use certain coatings to optimize the sliding properties or adhesion of surfaces.

Perfect surface refinement for harmonious aesthetics, durability and function

Our expertise and passion for perfection are reflected in every detail, from the selection of the best finishing processes to the precise execution. Discover how our surface finishing takes your products to a new level.

Discover the diversity of the material range in 3D printing metal


Water transfer – 2K varnish – high gloss – matt – semi-matt – structure


High gloss – matt-semi-matt structure


Aluminum – various steels


Structure - clean - corundum - gas beads - plastics - aluminum - various steels - automatic sandblasting (Twister)


Different steels – different structures


Process for the surface treatment of aluminum. This creates a protective layer on the metal that prevents the natural, uncontrolled oxidation of the metal.


Burnishing is a surface treatment of metal in which a thin black layer is introduced into ferrous surfaces to protect them from corrosion.


various surface structures – surface roughness (precursor to polishing)


different optics and surface roughness


various optics and surface roughness - e.g. for lenses

Chrome plating

Surface finishing of plastic or metal parts


Laser graining and etching graining


e.g. armrest – car door panels


Vibratory grinding technology – for all metals


Plastic 3D printing - e.g. noseband

Powder coating

Coloring metals


Better surface for the injection molded part – e.g. radio bezel

Back-inject foils

Foils, fabrics, leather or other inserts can be back-injected using plastic injection molding

PU process

Polyurethane flooding of injection molded parts in multi-component injection molding

Heat treatment

Change in material properties – degree of hardness is changed

Trust in our expertise and perfection

We set new standards in surface finishing!

Discover the future of the world with us
Surface finishing and rely on us as
Your trustworthy partner who not only
follows the trend but sets it.

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