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Each case study provides a unique insight into how we work, showcasing our capabilities and commitment to service excellence. From the development of customized solutions to the successful implementation of projects, these case studies illustrate our commitment to excellence and customer focus. Immerse yourself in our success stories and discover how we help companies achieve their goals and realize their visions.

Our case studies

An AM engine block for racing.

Realignment of additive manufacturing for complex housings.

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The Handscupe - an impressive medical device.

Series production of state-of-the-art Class 1 medical devices.

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Das Airbus 380 First Class Mock-Up.

Realized by the outstanding expertise of Robert Hofmann GmbH.

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High-end mock-up of the business class seats for the Airbus 380.

Masterful innovation.

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1-piece production: a groundbreaking change.

The successful realization of 1-piece production using AM technology.

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Tailored series parts in 3D printing process.

Innovative solutions in aerospace through ALM and traditional manufacturing processes.

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Customized hydration system for athlete Anne Haug at Ironman 2019.

Accompany athlete Anne Haug on her way to the Ironman 2019.

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Success story of the Helix Speedster: a trade fair highlight.

Innovation and expertise from Robert Hofmann GmbH.

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Production of complex components.

Successful production of complex center consoles for a leading automobile manufacturer.

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Development and delivery of halogen headlight prototypes with LED daytime running lights.

Bright spots of innovation: development and delivery of halogen headlight prototypes with LED daytime running lights.

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