State-of-the-art injection molding technology for first-class results

State-of-the-art production at RobertHofmann: maximum precision and versatility for your projects.

With our wide range of services and state-of-the-art technology, we develop tailor-made solutions that guarantee maximum precision, quality and efficiency. Our versatile machinery ranging from 50 to 1600 tons enables the production of a wide range of parts of parts in various sizes and shapes, from small precision parts to large components. We use both single and multi-cavity molds to maximize production efficiency and ensure that we can maximize production efficiency and ensure that we can meet our customers' requirements in terms of size and shape requirements.

Precision tools for top performance: Innovative design and production by experienced engineers is our quality guarantee for your injection molded parts.

Our high-precision tools and molds are developed and manufactured by experienced engineers. We use advanced CAD/CAM software and CNC technology to produce the highest quality molds that enable precise and repeatable production. With our focus on quality and precision, we ensure that your injection molded parts always meet the highest standards. 

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Multi-component injection molding up to 3 components: 
By using the latest technology, we are able to produce complex parts with several components, which enables a high degree of flexibility and functionality.

Automation with handling: 
Our automated processes, combined with precise handling, ensure efficient and reliable production of your parts.

Assembly injection molding: 
We offer assembly injection molding solutions to produce complex assemblies directly in the injection molding machine, which saves time and money.

Gas or water injection molding:
Through the use of gas or water water injection techniques, we can further optimize the quality and
further optimize the quality and properties of your parts.

Our Variotherm(R) technology enables precise temperature control during the injection molding process, resulting in improved part quality.

Individual decorations in the injection molding machine with film or fabric back injection: 
We offer tailor-made decoration solutions directly in the injection molding machine to give your parts an individual and high-quality finish.

High-temperature materials such as PEI and PEEK:
We are specialized in the processing of high-temperature materials such as PEI and PEEK, which are required for demanding applications in various industries.

Highest quality through rigorous control procedures. Our commitment to precision and consistency in every manufactured part.

We carry out strict quality control procedures to ensure that every part manufactured meets the highest standards. This includes dimensional inspections, material testing and visual checks, and our quality assurance teams monitor the entire production process to ensure the highest precision and consistency.

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