Helix Speedster - innovation and expertise for a trade fair highlight

Initial situation:
The initial situation was clearly defined: Merkel approached us to optimize two 95% finished design components for the Helix Speedster, the forend and the buttstock including wooden models. The requirements were high: a feasibility assessment including component development with injection molding design in two-component injection molding was required, including a height-adjustable cheek piece.

The deadline was tight, with a start date of May 25, 2017 and the aim of presenting the production gun at the IWA on March 9, 2018.

The challenges we had to face were varied and demanding. The components had to be injection molded in such a way that all customer requirements were met without changing the existing design geometries. We also had to find suitable material pairings and implement unusual wall thicknesses of up to 18 mm in plastic injection molding. The integration of all mechanisms and add-on parts was just as much a task as the construction of the series injection molding tools, cooling devices and assembly equipment. In addition, the procurement of purchased parts and the complete final assembly for the series had to be managed.

Solution approach: 
Our solutions were as diverse as they were innovative. We drew on the entire portfolio of Robert Hofmann GmbH, from development and rapid prototyping to the series production of injection molded parts and their assembly. By using state-of-the-art technologies and our in-depth expertise, we were able to master all challenges.

The result speaks for itself: the Helix Speedster was presented for the first time as planned at the IWA 2018 and immediately became the highlight of the 2018 trade fair. To this day, the Helix is a bestseller for Merkel and a prime example of the successful cooperation between our company and our customers.

The success story of the Helix Speedster is proof that experience, innovation and a holistic approach are crucial to creating unique products that inspire and convince.  

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