Our in-house toolmaking department is at the heart of our commitment to top quality and customer satisfaction.

Time and efficiency are of the essence. It is precisely for this reason that we specifically rely on our own in-house tool and mold making to ensure that we can not only meet individual customer requirements, but exceed them.

This enables us to respond quickly to customer inquiries and ensure cost-effective production without compromising on quality. This unique combination of speed, efficiency and high quality standards enables us to respond flexibly to the constantly changing demands of the market. Our dedicated toolmaking team specializes in developing innovative solutions that not only save time and resources, but also deliver first-class results. For us, fast production means not only speed, but also precision and reliability - aspects that we ensure in every step of our work process.

Efficient solutions from our toolmaking department

Fast response to your needs

Thanks to our in-house tool shop, we can offer an accelerated process. We understand that time is often of the essence, whether launching a new product or adapting to changing market requirements. Our internal processes allow us to respond quickly to your needs.

Hand in hand for the highest quality

Efficient production by our experts

Our highly qualified toolmaking experts work hand in hand to ensure seamless and efficient production. From design to production, we place great importance on making every stage of our process as efficient as possible without compromising on quality.

Trust our experience

Experienced professionals for your project success

You can rest assured that your project is in the hands of experienced profiles. We pride ourselves on not just satisfying our customers, but inspiring them, and our in-house toolmaking department plays a key role in fulfilling this aspiration. Rely on us to meet your individual requirements with speed, precision and efficiency. Let's make your next project a success together!

Technologies of our tool shop:

Insight into the modern technologies and machines used in toolmaking

Multi-axis CNC milling machines/turn-mill center: We use computer-controlled machines to mill precise mold cores and cavities from metal blocks. This helps us to achieve increased precision and efficiency in our production process.

Grinding machines: In our production process, grinding machines refine the surfaces of the mold cores and cavities for a high-precision fit. The use of these machines ensures first-class surface quality and meets our quality standards.

Lathes: We use lathes to produce cylindrical parts and threads that are required in injection molds. This enables us to ensure the precise production of components.

3D printer: We use 3D printing to produce specific tool inserts with conformal cooling systems. In this way, we achieve more precise temperature control of the tool along the mold contour.

CAD/CAM software: We use computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software to create 3D models of the molds and program the machines for production.

Hardness testers: We use hardness testers to ensure that the manufactured tool parts have the required hardness.

Surface roughness measuring device: We do not compromise on quality and use special measuring devices to measure the required surface roughness.

Measuring and testing equipment: We use precise measuring instruments (CMM) and optical measuring systems to ensure that the molds produced meet the specified tolerances.

Polishing machines: We use polishing machines to polish the surfaces of the molds and ensure that the manufactured parts have a smooth surface.

Demolding systems: We use automated demolding systems to efficiently remove the manufactured parts from the molds, thereby increasing production output.

Toolmaking at Robert Hofmann

Multi-axis CNC milling machines/turning/milling center

Toolmaking at Robert Hofmann

Multi-axis CNC milling machines/turning/milling center

Toolmaking at Robert Hofmann

Multi-axis CNC milling machines/turning/milling center

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