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Unlimited creativity and technology
Innovation with 3D plastic printing

Welcome to the world of limitless creativity and technological innovation! With us you will experience 3D plastic printing with the highest precision and quality. Immerse yourself in the fascinating dimension of modern printing, where your ideas come to life.

Our 3D printing solutions not only offer you unlimited design freedom, but also faster time to market and a reduction in production costs. We understand the challenges of your industry and work closely with you to develop tailored solutions that exceed your expectations.

Using advanced technology and a wide range of materials, we implement innovative ideas and realize sophisticated projects.

In our modern production, we implement innovative solutions for prototyping and product development, tailor-made medical applications, groundbreaking projects in aerospace, first-class components for the automotive industry and creative consumer solutions.

Advantages of 3D printing for you

Unlimited design possibilities

With our 3D printing plastic process you get the freedom to design complex shapes and structures that go beyond traditional manufacturing methods.

Fast, efficient production

With our modern facilities, we can quickly create prototypes and products to shorten your development times and accelerate market entry.

Variety of material options

Our wide selection of plastic materials allows you to choose the most suitable material for your application, be it for flexibility, hardness or heat resistance.

Partnership and expertise: series production of state-of-the-art Class 1 medical devices

Welcome to our latest case study! Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of medical technology, where innovative ideas meet a partnership with comprehensive support to realize groundbreaking products.

Find out how an up-and-coming medical technology startup successfully developed an anatomically shaped aid. As a startup without extensive manufacturing knowledge and in-house engineering, they faced a variety of hurdles: from evaluating different manufacturing technologies and material selections to creating an efficient packaging concept with logistics handling and drafting all technical documentation. 
With our comprehensive support and regular product development workshops, we were able to optimize the product and finally realize the series production of a class 1 medical device. Find out how partnership and expertise can shape the future of medical technology!

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Innovative 3D printing plastic solutions for
Medical, aviation, automotive and consumer industries:
Unmatched industry expertise and
tailor-made precision.

Our many years of experience in the medical, aerospace and automotive sectors enable us to overcome industry-specific challenges with innovative 3D printing plastic solutions. In the medical industry, we offer customized 3D printed prostheses, implants and detailed models. In aerospace, we develop lightweight, high-performance 3D printed components that increase aircraft efficiency. In the automotive industry, we rely on the most modern manufacturing processes to produce complex parts with high precision and efficiency. For the consumer and lifestyle industry, we have developed a noseband for horses that is manufactured using a 3D printing process. You can find more information about this at: www.r3voband.com. Let's talk about your project.

Tailor-made complete solutions for your specific requirements in the area of 3D printing plastic –

trust the expertise of our team!

Our industry-specific expertise allows us to provide our customers with comprehensive advice and develop individual solutions that meet the specific requirements of each industry. Rely on our experience and technology to successfully overcome industry-specific challenges in 3D printing plastic.

3D plastic printing opens the door to innovative product developments and offers a wide range of options for tailor-made solutions.

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These advantages make 3D plastic printing an attractive manufacturing technology for a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, medical, engineering, and many others.

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