Handscupe - an impressive medical device.

Initial situation: 
Experience the fascinating project of an up-and-coming medical technology start-up that redefined the boundaries of anatomical positioning aids with a visionary idea.

The company faced a challenging initial situation in its search for support with development and the identification of suitable series suppliers. 

The biggest challenge was that the start-up did not have any manufacturing resources. Added to this was the complex task of creating all the technical documentation. The evaluation of different manufacturing technologies and material selections, the creation of an efficient packaging concept with logistics handling and the comprehensive technical documentation were crucial steps that had to be mastered in order to successfully launch the product on the market.

Solution approach: 
As an experienced partner in medical technology, we offered the start-up a comprehensive solution. We acted as a sparring partner in all areas of the company.
In our role as a trusted sparring partner, we supported the startup through intensive joint product development and technology workshops. Through close collaboration and focused advice, we were able to continuously optimize the product. These regular meetings enabled us to optimize the manufacturing processes and continuously improve the product idea itself. Through prototyping and the integration of our extensive expertise, we were able to overcome the challenges and take the product to a new level.

The result is impressive: 
The successful series production of a state-of-the-art Class I medical device that not only meets the strict requirements of the aid catalog, but also serves as the basis for future product variations and innovative ideas.

From the initial contract award to joint engineering, we were a reliable partner who successfully turned the start-up's vision into reality. This case study impressively illustrates how the future of medical technology can be shaped through collaborative partnerships and comprehensive expertise.

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