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Robert Hofmann GmbH, your certified expert in the aerospace sector.

At Robert Hofmann GmbH, we understand the unique requirements of the aerospace industry and offer high-quality, customized solutions for both small and large series production.

We are particularly proud to be the first German service provider to be certified for the production of aerospace components using the 3D printing process. You can therefore rely on our more than 30 years of expertise and benefit from a process chain that is specially tailored to the specifications and guidelines of the aerospace industry. Our services include not only 3D printing itself, but also heat treatment and comprehensive quality assurance and component testing in our own laboratory.

Benefit from our versatile service portfolio, we offer you everything from a single source, from full-size mock-ups to the production of plastic injection-molded components and component assembly for small series.

A groundbreaking change: the successful realization of 1-piece production using AM technology

Discover the transformative case study of Robert Hofmann GmbH, which shows how we achieved a milestone through innovative solutions and precise execution: the successful realization of a 1-piece production with revolutionary AM technology.

From merging five individual parts into a single part with the highest quality standards to simplifying the supply chain and exceeding customer requirements - find out how we redefined the standards of the industry!

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Audited series parts in 3D printing process

We are redefining the boundaries of the aerospace industry. With innovative solutions, we successfully mastered the high design and weight requirements of our customer in this case study with small quantities. Find out how we at Robert Hofmann mastered the challenge of combining large dimensions with low weight while adhering to certified processes.

By using 3D metal printing instead of metallized plastic parts, we have increased stability, further reduced weight and at the same time improved product life - all while saving on tooling costs and increasing implementation speed. 

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Revolution in the aviation industry

The aviation industry is being revolutionized by 3D printing, particularly through the development of lightweight components and prototypes.


In the dynamic world of the aviation industry, innovation is the key to success. New ideas and concepts must be developed, tested and perfected quickly in order to meet the constantly increasing requirements and the highest safety standards.

Together we develop innovative and pioneering solutions!

Take advantage of our extensive
experience for your challenges in
the aerospace industry. 

Quality and certification standards

Excellent quality and safety: our aviation certifications

Our company has special certifications DIN EN ISO 9100 for the aviation sector, demonstrating our commitment to the highest quality standards in the aviation industry. Our products undergo thorough process control to ensure they meet the stringent requirements of this industry. With a clear focus on precision and quality, we ensure that our products meet the highest standards and offer the highest levels of reliability and safety. Find out more about our certifications.

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